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Are you one of these people with persisting dream of learning how to sail which has never materialized for one or the other reason? Is sailing a boat something you have always wanted to do but there was never enough time, enough money or the right boat?
Well stop dreaming now – the solution is right in the front of you! It is an inflatable catamaran called MiniCat

Fan Summit Comes to Town


MiniCat is a sailing inflatable catamaran you can take on the plane with you when going on a sailing holidays, is easy to fit in any campervan, motorhome or RVs and is a great addition to your super yacht without the usual storage problems.

No more boat storage problems No trailer needed for a boat transport


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Our mission at Sailing MiniCat Fiji is to unite fans from around the world, creating a community of openness and enthusiasm. More than 13 years, we have been a valuable resource for fans, with important news and updates. We never rest on our laurels, and are always looking to improve and expand our Sailing Fan Site offerings.


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+679 975-5450 / +1 510 981-9107

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